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Buckets & Tubs

High quality buckets manufactured by Flambeau. We offer two grades of rigid side bucket; Standard & Topline. The black standard "economy" bucket is ideal for site use, cheap, cheerful, less likely to be stolen! care should be taken knocking them out, fairly easy to split. The yellow toplines are far more durable and will tolerate a lot more knocking about!

In addition to the rigids we also offer Rhino Tubs in 2 stock sizes: 26 litre and 40 litre. These flexible buckets are quite possibly one of the best purchases you can make if you use plaster regularly. They will almost collapse flat and breaking out solid plaster from either size or grade is simplicity itself.

Finally in the bucket range we have our Mixing Tubs & Baths. Made to a high specification in long lasting semi-rigid polyethylene for offer these in a number of shapes, sizes and varieties. Our larger tubs are made to our own specification, smaller units are manufactured by Benson. Our Plasterers Baths are made by the same organisation that make our buckets, so quality is assured. In fact you'll find most of these items in your local builders merchant, except our price is almost always better.

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 Plasterers Tall Mixing Bucket 30 Litres   Plasterers Tall Mixing Bucket 30 Litres 
A thick walled plasterers mixing bucket ideal for solid or casting plaster, or just for carrying water etc.
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 The Bucket Glove   The Bucket Glove 
Removable tough silicone liner allows for easy breakout of plaster, cement, tile adhesive, grout, in fact anything that sets HARD.
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 Builders Bucket Economy   Builders Bucket Economy 
Cheap bucket, ideal for use on site. Take care when knocking out set plaster, especially when cold.
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 Builders Bucket Topline   Builders Bucket Topline 
Flambeau's Flagship Bucket, far longer lasting than the economy version, less likely to break if knocking out set plaster!
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 Rhino Tub 26 Litre   Rhino Tub 26 Litre 
Flexible Buckets like Gorilla Tubs but made by Flambeau
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 Rhino Tub 40 Litre   Rhino Tub 40 Litre 
Flexible Buckets like Gorilla Tubs but made by Flambeau.
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 TOMPS Mixing Tub 90 litre   TOMPS Mixing Tub 90 litre 
Round, polyproylene casting tub. Makes a good end of bench catch bucket.
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 Plasterers Bath Large & Small   Plasterers Bath Large & Small 
Standard bath for plasterers - two sizes also called "Bungalow Baths"
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Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result Pages:  1 

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