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Filler Powders

We stock a wide range of fillers from basic padding fillers like Fillite or BLR2 through to speciality fillers like Metal Powders, Cab o Sil and Glass Bubbles. Each has its own properties and uses but primarily:

  • Fillite - Will lighten your cast and pad out resin to make it go further
  • BLR2 - Will improve brittleness, surface durability and pad resin out but without impacting on viscosity
  • Glass Bubbles - Will lighten your cast to the maximum but will also improve water resistance and surface durability
  • French Chalk (Talc) - Will thicken resin rapidly making an easy sand filler for composites
  • Metal Powders - Will allow you to make items in plastic that look like metal
  • Cab O Sil (Fumed Silica) - Will thicken resin to make it cling to verticals like gelcoats

The one single common denominator of all fillers is their impact on curing of your resin. They all slow the reaction down, reducing exotherm and in the case of most resins this will reduce shrinkage. Why not take a look at our Fillers Guide in the content links section to see the impact of fillers on resins. We offer most fillers from 1kg up (with the exception of metal powders which start at 500g) to complete bags.

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 ATH Aluminium Tri-hydrate   ATH Aluminium Tri-hydrate 
Adds fire retarding properties to resins reducing flame rate.
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 Cabosil Fumed Silica   Cabosil Fumed Silica 
Cabot LM150 & TS720 Grades Stocked. LM150 mixes easier than M5 and is the preferred choice of many. TS720 is hydrophobic.
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 Calcium Carbonate Omya BL OG   Calcium Carbonate Omya BL OG 
Omya BL Range Carbonate Oversize Grade. Larger particulate, less impact on viscosity. Our generic replacement for BLR2.
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 Fillite Powder   Fillite Powder 
Ceramic Microspheres for padding out resin & lightening casts. Will impart a grey shade to many resins.
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 French Chalk Unscented Talc   French Chalk Unscented Talc 
Makes home made filler paste with polyester resins and will also lubricate when used in certain methods.
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 Glass Bubbles   Glass Bubbles 
S38 Glass Bubbles from Lawrence Industries. Excellent lightening agent, wear improver and water resistance improver.
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 Marble Flour & Sugar   Marble Flour & Sugar 
Marble Flour for simulating the cool touch of marble in resins & Marble Sugar for bulking and adding weight
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 Vermiculite V1 & V3   Vermiculite V1 & V3 
Vermiculite Coarse v3 and Superfine v1. Primarily used for lightening plaster and for creating effects on the face of casts
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Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result Pages:  1 

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