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Gypsum Plaster Retarders

TOMPS Gypsum Plaster Retarders for slowing down your reactions and elongating the setting time of any Gypsum Based Plaster. Yes our retarders also working in solid plastering plaster types like finish or bonding. We offer two types; Traditional Glue Size or the modern alternative Tri Sodium Citrate. Glue size will require Hydrated Lime as an additive to prevent it re-gelling after cooling. Tri Sodium Citrate is a stand alone retarder requiring no extra additives.

With glue size, add crystals to very hot water and continue to heat and stir until all crystals have dissolved fully into the water. At this stage add hydrated lime, disperse and then allow the mixture to cool. It is now ready for use. Tri Sodium Citrate is an easier solution. Simply add to very hot water, allow to cool and use. With either option there is no recognised mixing ratio, since everyone prefers a different level of retardation. the best thing to do is make a mix and pot test it for suitability. See the product page for a better mixing guide!


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 Glue Size Retarder 1kg to 25kg Bags   Glue Size Retarder 1kg to 25kg Bags 
Glue Size Plaster Retarder. The traditional retarder used within the ornate plasterware industry, to extend working times
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 Tri Sodium Citrate 1kg to 25kg Bags   Tri Sodium Citrate 1kg to 25kg Bags 
A Citric Acid retardation system suitable for all gypsum plasters, solid or casting. Less smelly, easier to mix.
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products) Result Pages:  1 

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