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RTV Additives

RTV Silicone Rubber Additives. Our range of RTV's is quite extensive, but you can continue to modify these rubbers further!

First we have 50cps Silicone Diluent. This is a silicone oil with many uses. You can dilute the rubber making its viscosity less and at the same time softening it. If you intend to dilute, consider starting at a higher shore hardness before starting! The side effect of large additions of RTV Silicone Rubber Diluent is Oil Leech or "Bleed". This means during periods of non use the Silicone Rubber will exude oil.  Although useful for some reasons, excessive addition can reduce tear strength by some margin. Not recommended for addition cure silicones.

Next, Thixotropic. Have something to copy thats fixed in place? On the ceiling, wall or free standing it matters not, the addition of a Thixtropting Agent to RTV Silicone Rubber will allow moulds to be created in all kinds of scenarios. Added at 2% for full thixotrope properties or 1% for a little easier handling (caution it will slump a little at 1%!) your imagination is the limit to mould construction. We have a thixo for every silicone type now! Use the drop down box to indicate ACC, VALUE or ADDITION (cure)


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 RTV Silicone Thixotropic 25g to 500g Kits   RTV Silicone Thixotropic 25g to 500g Kits 
Thixotropic for changing a liquid silicone base to a non slumping slurry. Ideal for moulds in situ or skin/jacket moulds
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 Silicone Oil Fluid 50cps 0.5 Litre to 5 Litre   Silicone Oil Fluid 50cps 0.5 Litre to 5 Litre 
For thinning and softening, add at up to 10% for the best results.
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