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Addition Cure Silicone Rubber

The VISCOLO Range of Addition Cure RTV Silicone Rubber. Also known as Plat Cure or Platinum Cure Silicone, a harder wearing silicone with zero shrink. Made to our specification by a leading silicone manufacturer, it carries the TOMPS brand. Why would you use an addition cure instead of a condensation cure?

  • Exceptionally Low Shrinkage - Zero if the process is followed correctly
  • Dimensionally Stable - The negligible shrinkage means that angles remain true, one reason why this rubber is used in larger toolings
  • Excellent Library Life - If you want a silicone to store on the shelf and it to remain true, select addition cure
  • Lower Viscosity - Our Addition RTV has one of the lowest viscosities of any RTV, less risk of air entrapment with the exception of RapiBak which is a skin safe pre thixotropic system.
  • Better Chemical Resistance - Tested without mould release with Urethane Fast Casts to 100+ pulls*
  • Easy Mix Ratio - 1:1 by weight or volume. Balanced SG's allows volumetric or weight measures

The only downside to Platinum Cure Silicones is their cure inhibition problems. Due to the chemical processes involved certain products will poison the RTV including sulphites, sulphur, platiscisers, latex gloves (use vinyl or synthetic or just dont touch the material!) onion and garlic vapours and juices. However Viscolo Addition Cure Silicone Rubber is particularly good and isn't even inhibited with super glue! Perform tests to be sure!

We now stock many grades of this rubber which are listed below. ShoreA 22 & 50 are coloured, Shore A 13, 33 & 45 are translucent. Artist oil pigment may be used to colour these translucents if you wish, we recommend Windsor & Newton.

RapiBak is a specialised system of two parts white and pink and is pre thickened for skin/sock mould purposes

*-Tested with our own PU Fast Cast in a low detail mould with the rubber fully post cured 7 days.