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Body Casting Alginate

If you are looking to take an impression somewhere from the human body then most mould making materials are not up to the job, mainly for health reasons. We do not recommend ANY product to be used on the skin other than our Pro Alginate Series. However our Pro Alginate can also be used to bed formers into when using our RTV's. Its easier to remove than clay or plaster when dry!

Made from natural materials and with limited additives, Alginates cure very quickly. However they can only be cast into once. We stock two grades a fast cure and slow cure which offer 4 minute set or 13 minute set. The slower set should be used to cover larger areas like the abdomen or where more care needs to be taken such as the face. Our alginate does not have a colour change system so you will need a stopwatch!

The most popular method for replication is to cast first in the alginate mould with a quality plaster, like Herculite 2 or Crystacal R and then make an RTV mould from that cast. This allows you to use products that may otherwise be harmful. DO NOT try to use Polyesters, Epoxies or Polyurethanes in alginate, they will not necessarily cure correctly (however we have not tested all our resin systems in alginate!). Silicone on the other hand will cure well in an alginate mould.

If your alginate is curing to fast to work with try reducing the water temperature and adding extra water to the product which will retard its cure. Be careful though, too much water will weaken the alginate significantly. For large areas a plaster support case should be used to retain the mould dimensions.

This is the only alginate we have found so far with a Skin Safe Declaration. Tested by manufacturer as no major hazard. So a brilliant moulding material for younger casters, along with our Viscolo 22!

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