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Axson Fast Cast Resin

Axson Technologies Polyurethane Resins & Epoxy Systems.

Based in the UK with manufacturing all over the world, TOMPS are proud to offer the Axson Polyurethane Resins from stock!

Our current stock lines include:

  • Axson F16
    • Fast Setting, short potlife, heat resistant, with a rapid 30 minute demould - Polyurethane Resin System
  • Axson F18
    • Lowest viscosity, low shrink and good impact resistance with this Polyurethane Resin
  • Axson F19
    • Long Potlife, close to the TOMPS Fast Cast Extended Potlife, heat resistant and very low shrinkage
  • Axson F32
    • Fast demould, low agression to RTV Silicone Moulds, ideal for extending mould life using Polyurethane Fast Casts
  • Axson F38
    • Brilliant impact resistance, low viscosity, almost thermoplastic like finished resin

We also will shortly be stocking a range of epoxies, including a water clear and adhesives. This section of tomps.com is set to grow!