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Crystacal R Casting Plaster 1kg to 25kg Bags

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Crystacal R
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British Gypsum Crystacal R Casting Plaster . One of the higher end plasters made by formula, a very hard, rather white, 100% alpha plaster for use where high strength and  surface hardness or durability are important. With a longer working time than Herculite 2 and a lower expansion on setting, Vcat Setting 10-25 minutes.  Frequently used in Giftware, GRG Moulding and along with Polymer Liquids to produce weather resistant plaster.

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Datasheets and Safety:
Please note that we no longer print and include datasheets with your order. All datasheets are available for download on the item where your purchase was made. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to download and read the information. Please think of the environment before deciding to print!
Mixing Guide:
MIXING RATIO: 100:35 VCat Setting Time: 10-25 Minutes Which translates as 100g plaster 35g water. Since 100cc or ml of water = 100g, one can assume 100g plaster to 35cc water. Other ratios are on the technical data sheet, click the appropriate tab to view. To approximate the requirement for the mould, fill the mould with water and empty into a mixing container, ideally graduated. Divide the total volume by 35 and multiply by one hundred for the correct weight of plaster. Sprinkle or seive the plaster into the water and allow to abosorb water fully before stirring Do not whisk, you will entrain air and cause bubbles! You can also estimate the amount of plaster needed by sprinkling plaster onto the measured water and continue to do so until the plaster level reaches the water level in the container. You will see a sub surface lunar landscape like picture. Our friends at hirstarts.com also have a pictorial mixing guide for this Heath Robinson method.

Technical Data Sheet (crystacalr.pdf, 47 Kb) [Download]

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS / CoSHH) (gypsum_MSDS.pdf, 58 Kb) [Download]