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Shelf Life

  1. I have purchased filler powder or plaster from you. How should these be stored and how long can they last?
    All our filler powders are supplied in manufacturers bags or sealed plastic bags. Similar to glass reinforcements, they need to be kept dry. Most filler powders are hydrophillic and will take in moisture, Cabosil is among the worst. Metal Powders are the worst for performance drops, they will oxidise and not shine very well in cold casting. Our fillers should be fine for use for a minimum period of three months from purchase. Plaster shelf life however is 6 months for all grades.

  2. I have purchased a Polyester Casting, Laminating or Water Clear Resin from you, how should i store this and how long can it be stored for?
    You should keep Polyesters as cool as possible and OUT of direct sunlight (preferably out of light completely!). UV from sunlight causes a slow cure and will gel your resin over time. Heat will do the same thing! To get maximum shelf life you should store in a cool dark place, but not below 10 Celsius. Do not allow the product to freeze. Shelf life varies tremendously. First of all if its warm and in the sun its not going to last much over a week or two! However keep it cool and dark and we guarantee shelf life to 3 months after date of purchase. If kept very cool and in the dark shelf life can extend right up to 9 months! That said we have tested resins at 9 months and found them to be still perfectly functional!

  3. I have purchased Polyurethane Resins from you, how should i store these and what shelf life should i get?
    Again shelf life with Polyurethanes is much like that of Polyesters. Keep them cool and in the dark. However as a two part system with isocyanate hardener there is an additional care step to follow. Isocyante Part B's are Hydrophyillic. That means it like water and will try to absorb it. So you must either purge the top of the bottle with a dry gas post use or replace the cap ASAP after use. Water poisoning will show as crystals forming on the top off the Part B Isocyanate and will eventually render the product useless. Iso is also VERY frost susceptible! So under no circumstance allow it to fall under 10 Celsius. If it freezes its a throw away job. This applies to all PU systems be they resin or foam. Sealed and purged by us, we expect our Urethanes to have a shelf life of not less than 3 months. If you use Polypurge after each use, you can expect this to be a minimum. Sealed 10kg kits by manufacturer are good for 9 months.

  4. I have purchased Glass Reinforcement Materials. How should i store these and how long are they useable?
    Reinforcement products require one careful step in storage to dividend an almost open ended shelf life. KEEP DRY! Failure to keep chopped strand mat, chopped strands, carbon or kevlar dry will mean the resin will not wet out the glass substantilly reducing laminate strength. If your reinforcement materials get damp they will not work right and should be disposed of. If you order full rolls of Chopped Strand Mat it is advised to store these on end in the box they were supplied in to prevent crushing of the roll along its length, which in some applications will cause issues with getting you mat to lie flat and true while laminating. Kept dry, glass reinforcements do NOT have a shelf life.