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Fast Cast Polyurethane Resin

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PU Fast Cast
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Polyurethane Fast Cast Resin for casting and tooling. This is one fantastic fast cast that has most of the small scale scenery manufacturers in a spin over its properties! With a 3-4 minute potlife and around 30 minutes to cure, this is one fast resin! However it doesn't stop there. It has an unbelievably low viscosity of 40 mpas, thats about the same fluidity as milk! WE NOW OFFER A SLOWER VERSION via Axson F190. The potlife on the slow version is now around 7 minutes, but the cure is extended as a result. However the final plastic is very strong. Use the slow version when pouring much thicker sections.

So for home hobby casters who don't have expensive degass and pressure casting systems in place, this may succeed where other resins and fast casts fail to eradicate air! That doesn't mean however that you can expect micron details to replicate faithfully without pressure casting!

We have customers who have managed to cure this product in sections of less than 1mm thickness! Warm the cured product up a little in thinner sections and you can form it with the heat, thicker sections will resist this. The product comes unfilled, so you the user can modify it or just use it as is. We recommend BL OG Calcium Carbonate as an impact resistance and resilience improver since its unlikely to affect viscosity that much. Looking to cheapen up your casts? Consider Fillite which works well with the product too.


Datasheets and Safety:
Safety Data Sheet is identical for either Potlife! Please note that we no longer print and include datasheets with your order. All datasheets are available for download on the item where your purchase was made. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to download and read the information. Please think of the environment before deciding to print!
Mixing Guide:
Mixing our Fast Cast system couldn't be simpler. It is an easy 1:1 by weight product. Some customers do mix this system as a 1:1 by volume, we do not endorse that method and it may result in a difficult to paint casting due to the excess part B forming a greasy skin post cure. When using fillers, calculate your total weight of mix, assess the filler addition and add to the part B and mix through. Stand to allow air to release. Then add the part A in equal weight to the part B. DO NOT INCLUDE THE FILLER WEIGHT! Stir well for approximately one minute and pour immediately.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS / CoSHH)-PartA (PU_FAST_CAST_A_MSDS.pdf, 163 Kb) [Download]

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS / CoSHH) -part B (PU_FAST_CAST_B_MSDS.pdf, 130 Kb) [Download]

Technical Data Sheet - Fast (PU_FAST_CAST_STD_TECH.pdf, 1,041 Kb) [Download]

Technical Data Sheet - Slow (PU_FAST_CAST_SLO_TECH.pdf, 103 Kb) [Download]