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Five Square Alpha Cast is finally here! Click here for 5 reasons it’s the best Polymer Modified Gypsum available!

by Nick Maguire
Five Square AlphaCast

The all NEW Five Square Alpha Cast SL system has finally launched. Two years in the making and testing. Smaller bags have gone live while we await our blending and tolling slot for 25kg sacks!

Five reasons to buy AlphaCast SL

  • Single component - no mixing special liquids
  • Manual mixing - no need to mechanically shear mix
  • Frost Resistant during storage! (But do keep it dry!)
  • Exceptional Viscosity
  • Natural De-foaming

There are of course more reasons! It’s cheaper and in our opinion BETTER than what is in the market today. It’s brand new technology in Gypsum casting, not 30 year old technology!

Should we go on about it more? Yes! It can be stained easily....where others cannot....it will almost certainly attain a full fire rating.....it will produce beautiful elegant fine details.....it will even cast to a gloss, yes a gloss. How about no VOC’s or anything more hazardous than a regular plaster? Yep. It really has the lot.

The TOMPS Gypsum Product Development Team have slaved for many hundreds of hours to bring you this in house developed system.

No need to ask what plaster to use outdoors for gnomes, planters and such like any longer. This is it. Would also be the perfect plaster for casting into alginates for hand casts or where fine details exist that snap with traditional plasters

Shortly a range of reinforcements, dyes, pigments and thixos will be ready for you guys. But the big chemistry mix is finally done.

Available in the shop today in 1,2 and 5kg bags (including a 10kg double 5 bag discount) so jump in and start playing!