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Glue Size Retarder 1kg to 25kg Bags

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Glue Size
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TOMPS Glue Size Plaster Retarder. Sold in 1, 2, 5, 10 and 25kg sacks. The traditional retarder used within the ornate plasterware industry. A little on the smelly side but easy to use and less likely to cause a problem. If you add too much size to your plaster mix it will still harden, it might take a long time but it will harden. Tri sodium can fully inhibit plaster hardening processes.

This mix may be too strong for your needs, if it is, split it in half and add an equal amount of hot water to both halves to achieve the right concentration. The only way to establish this is by running pot tests. You should always use the same pot to add size to water prior to adding plaster, this will help regulate set times. So pick a small pot and keep it for just this job, often this is attached to a stick/broom handle and left in the bucket for easy mixing.


Mixing Guide:
Our guide to making a batch of this product is to add 1kg Glue Size crystals to a gallon bucket of very hot water. Dissolve the crystals fully keeping the heat in the water, do not allow to cool, you will ned up with a solid block. Next take half the amount of hydrated lime 500g in this case, and fully disperse. Now allow the mixture to cool. When cooled, it is essential to test the potency of your mix. Take a standard sized 100ml pot. Make three test mixes: Standard Plaster One x 100ml Shot Two x 100ml Shot Time the period taken to harden and adjust the amount of retarder liquid to achieve the required delay time. The measurements above are simply a guide, you can modify any of the ratios to suit. What is most important is the addition of lime to prevent the liquid setting solid.