GRP Fibre Glass

GRP Fibreglass or Glass Fibre Composites are one of the most useful product groups in the World. Composites have many diverse and practical uses.

  • Marine Industry - for construction and repair of boat hulls
  • Car body manufacture - like TVR or Lotus
  • Flat Roofing - a new concept taking the UK by storm, outlasts felt and is cheaper and easier to install
  • Rigid Tooling - for manufacture of parts and pieces

There are essentially two or three items to a composite:

  • Gelcoat Layer - a very thin top layer which beautifies the product and gives chemical/water resistance to the glass/resin layers
  • Resin - Polyester Resin in Styrene being the most popular, but epoxy and Vinyl Esters are used too.
  • Glass Reinforcement - Wetted using resins, forms the majority of the strength of the composite

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