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Hand Tools

Our range of hand tools here at TOMPS is not yet complete. We have over 100 other tools to picture and upload ranging from Rollers to Rakes. We also have a large range of Hawks and Skimming Trowels coming online soon, so check back!

Many of our hand tools are made in Sheffield, with not surprisingly, Sheffield Steel! Extremely hard wearing and high quality, why settle for anything less? Our consolidation rollers are not made there however!

£1.99 (£2.39 inc tax)
A pair of 9mm and 18mm retractable snap off blade knives. Come with 5 spare blades for each size. Simply snap off the blade point when blunt to bring back...
In stock

£3.49 (£4.19 inc tax)
Smaller diamond coated cut off discs in a 6 piece multi pack. 4 x 20mm and 2 x 22 mm with a pair of 3mm shank mandrels. For use with rotary hand tools. Max...
In stock

£2.99 (£3.59 inc tax)
A 50mm Diamond Coated Cut Off Disc for 3mm shank rotary tools. Come with its own shank. Ideal for tough cute off jobs where the thinner brittle standard cut...
In stock

£3.29 (£3.95 inc tax)
Drum sanding kit for abrasion of wood, plastics and alloys. A set of four rubber drums for mounting supplied abrasive sleeves. There are 2 sleeve for each...
In stock

£6.29 (£7.55 inc tax)
A hand held gator clamp for general clamping holding use. Innovative point clapping design in plastic not metal so less likely to damage plastic items being...
In stock

£7.39 (£8.87 inc tax)
A set of small pliers in a custom carry pouch. Sprung loaded for easy use with small items. Great for nipping off sprues, holding work and more. The set...
In stock

£6.99 (£8.39 inc tax)
5 piece Pallette Knife set. When using RTV Silicone Rubber with Thixotropic, these tools really work well. They have nice flexible ends to help get around...
In stock

£9.99 (£11.99 inc tax)
Stainless Steel Wax Carving & Clay Sculpting Tools. A 12 piece set of tools that are budget in price yet perform brilliantly when used with water based...
On backorder

£23.95 (£28.74 inc tax)

For cutting in registers, air risers and far more. May be used with soft clays.

In stock

£30.00 (£36.00 inc tax)
MixM8 in action!
All new mixing for plasters with the MixM8 whisk. Full bags of plaster can be mixed much faster! Hex and Threaded connections!
In stock

£11.99 (£14.39 inc tax)
Leaf & Square or Trowel & Square. Plasterers Small Tool in sheffield steel.
In stock

£11.98 (£14.38 inc tax)
Joint Rules for Mitre & Butt Joint work with plaster. All with rigid plastic edge guards.
In stock

£0.94 (£1.13 inc tax)
Oblong, Oval, Serated - Sets or Singly.
In stock

£29.99 (£35.99 inc tax)
Bright Yellow Powder Coated Spot Stand.
In stock

£5.32 (£6.38 inc tax)
2 Sizes - Measures either 15ml or 80 ml for Small & Large Respectively.
In stock

£4.29 (£5.15 inc tax)
Consolidation roller for GRP lamination.
In stock

£9.89 (£11.87 inc tax)
Ideal for getting plaster out of a bucket! The square nose makes life much easier!
In stock

£34.94 (£41.93 inc tax)
Heavy duty scraper - lifts plaster from shop floors easily. Robust & Industrial and spare blades available too!
In stock

£9.49 (£11.39 inc tax)
Hand Made Picking Tools from the UK! Sheffield steel, hand finished. Real craftmanship, these are tools for life!
In stock