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Jute Scrim

Plasterers Jute Hessian Scrim for use in the construction of ornate Plasterware. This adds strength to the fibrous plaster and prevents snapping and cracking out of the face. Primarily used in cornice manufacture and laid in between the first and second coat of plaster, the Jute also folds over and tucks in behind the lath to provide addition strength and structure.

We stock several widths including but not limited to 3 inch (75mm), 6 inch (150mm) , 12 inch (300mm) and 36 inch (900mm) all nominal sizes. Our 36" sometimes is as wide as 38 inches, it depends purely on the tension in the rolling process. The tighter the roll is wound the narrower it appears on the roll.

At 100 grams per square metre, and a strand thickness of around 1.2mm, the squares or openings are approximately 5mm x 5mm. The natural Jute Fibres with the correct weight and weave, allow for a great wet out with plaster and nil sacrifice on strength.

All our scrim comes on cardboard cores, so you can easily wall mount for easy, non messy dispensing. Its also worth noting our 36 inch Jute Scrim is so tightly wound on the roll, should you use a scrim cutting bench, this roll will not turn into a saggy mess when its half finished!