Login & Account Issues - If you are unable to login, please read this message

by Nick Maguire
Login Issues

Dear Valued Customers,

When we deployed our new shop, with all new complete software, all customer passwords were encrypted in our old database. As a result, your old password will no longer work.

Please use the reset password option on the login page and check your email for a change password link. or click here.

Please ensure you also check your spam and junk folders as the shop email has changed and your email client may be filtering it incorrectly.

If you do not receive a reset password link within an hour, please contact us via the contact us page or indeed give us a quick call on 0333 12 12 12 0 and one of the team can set your password from the admin panel.

We are aware that a small number of users are experiencing difficulty. We are trying to pin down the reason as to why this happening, but as yet we have not found a cause. It is highly restricted in numbers, perhaps 1 in 100, but any issues with login please get in touch!

Many Thanks

The TOMPS Team