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Marble Flour & Sugar

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Marble Flour
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Marble Flour resin filler. 300 mesh superfine natural ground marble dust. Adds weight and coolness to resinous casts giving a feel closer to stone. Will also improve impact resistance and resilience. Not coated like BLR so will increase your vicosity as you add it, so be careful not to make your resin mix to thick by excessive addition. Start at 50% and work up or down to match resin viscosity to the job.

Marble Sugar is 30 mesh, much like granulated sugar, hence its name. It will add weight very quickly but due to its density will drop out of suspension in low viscosity liquids. Often it is used to weight the base of figurines and is added as a secondary pour so the weight is condensed in the base. May also be added to plasters which are then stippled with a wire brush to make surface effects.

Please note we only have the smaller sizes in the marble sugar, 1kg and 2kg ONLY