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Mouldlife Prosthetic Range

TOMPS are proud to announce the new range of Prosthetic, FX & Make Up Materials are slowly landing with us! We will be stocking a huge range of Mouldlife products over the coming months and these are just the very beggining of their upload onto our website. We will have Plat Sil Gel Range, Smiths Deadner, a full range of Silicone Pigments, Sculpt Gel systems and much much more!

For now we have housed the products under a prosthetics heading but shortly, an entire section will be born. Essentially if you are a customer of ours and that of Mouldife, you will be able to shop in a single location, saving on courier costs, which get dearer every day.

Drill into an item to read more about it!

Technical Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS / CoSHH) SHEETS TO FOLLOW Please note that we no longer print and include datasheets with your order. All datasheets are available for download on the item where your purchase was made. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to download and read the information. Please think of the environment before deciding to print!, Assess volume to fill in cubic centimetres Shake catalyst well. Allow to stand to degass To convert to a weight, multiply weight by the SG. (MM918 =1.27). Weigh out Part A (white part) into a suitable container with room for mixing or degassing To calculate catalyst, divide the weight in grams by 20. 50g of Catalyst per each kilo is the right ratio. Add the catalyst to the mixing pot and start your timer for potlife. Stir Well! At least ONE minute, be mindful of potlife! Stand for one minute, again be mindful of potlife! Pour Demould at 8-12 hrs (or sooner if using a fast catalyst - please refer to the Technical Data Sheet) Please allow 48 hours to reach 99% cure before use, but mould may be used once demoulded, however its serviceable life will be shorter. If you mix a little short don't panic, mix a little more and pour it in to finish. Even if set, the RTV will stick to itself extremely well.
For creation of true Film FX wounds, abrasions and more. A three part system allowing skin safe sculpting!
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