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Oldopal Wax Additive 50g to 1kg

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Oldopal Wax
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Oldopal Wax Additive in Paraffin Solution, for use in our standard gelcoats to make top coats or flowcoats. This is an essential part of a Flowcoat and without it the material will cure with a tacky finish. This tacky finish is caused by moisture and gases in the air partially inhibiting the cure of the material, an undesirable effect.

Please note 5kg is pictured for reference only.

Simply add Wax Solution to standard Gelcoat at a ratio of 2% by weight, so thats 20g per kilo. Do not attempt to add by volume as invariably it will be either too much or too little. Ensure the wax is well mixed prior to catalysation and should the material be left alone for more than a few hours, it should be re-stirred as the solution will separate over time.

Never add more than 2% wax solution to gelcoats, if you do the cure may be inhibited or the topcoats strength reduced. There is NO benefit of adding "a bit extra" to be sure. Store out of cold conditions, otherwise the wax will solidify in the paraffin. This can be reversed by placing the wax solution in very hot water for an hour, regularly agitating. Be careful as pressure can develop in the can when heated!

If you are buying our Gelcoat there is an additonal item "Flowcoat" which if you are undertaking a repair you should order. Gelocats are for use in moulds ONLY!