Polyurethane Pigment 100g

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PU Pigment 100g
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Polyurethane Pigment 100g. Full compatibility with all Polyurethane systems! Recommended for our fast casts, elastomers and foams. Added at 1-10% by weight to resin to pre-colour the plastic. A very small amount of this pigment, in particluar black makes for a good priming base colour.

In small amounts this may also be used in our epoxy resin systems. In the 2:1 Water Clear Epoxy, a small amount of red gives a light coloured transparent "strawberry sauce".

Available in 7 colours: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Green, Orange. These are intermixable, unlike polyester pigments. By adding Blue+Red you will get a Purple. Add White to that and get a Lilac/Lavender like colour for example.

100g Polyurethane Pigment now supplied in 130ml widemouth "Snap-Cap" pots allowing you to get to ALL your pigment with minimal container wet out loss! We left the original picture as you can see the colours through the pots.