RTV Silicone Rubber Mould Register Blades

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Register Blades
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***NEW*** Silicone Rubber Mould Register Blades

Swann-Morton scalpel blades, among the best in the world, re shaped to form these blades. These are then re-tempered to help keep their shape and can be used to cut silicones, latex, elastomers and potentially clays (though this may have a blunting effect).

There are 5 blades in the set and come with a brand new Swann-Morton handle. Each blade has a specific purpose, we outline these as follows:

The "C" Blade - Leaves a large register in the cut face. It can also cut trenches for large air rises or indeed cutting a negative trench in the first part of a two piece mould

The "O" Blade - Leaves an undercut jigsaw style shape in the rubber which will lock together. This will help reduce flashing

The "S" Blade - Leaves a double sided register in the cut face for perfect aligment and improved anti flash or leaking protection

The "R" Blade - Can be used to cut large risers or indeed like the C blade, cut trenches for alignment in the first part of the mould. The R Blade is used vertically, but the C is used horizontally

The "I" Blade - Just like the R Blade but just smaller! Cuts an approximate 2mm channel which can be quite deep!

These blades can be used in conjunction with a normal blade to complete the cut, but have a full scalpel edge on them of approx one inch.