Alginate Mixing Guide

Alginates are an extremely easy to use, single use replication system. Essentially a powder, water is added at 2:1 to obtain a workable paste or semi liquid. We offer two types of alginate, FAST and SLOW. Fast will set in around 4 mins, Slow in approximately 9-10 minutes.

There is no colour change with our system, its not needed, use a stopwatch. Also ensure water is room temperature. Hot water accelerates, cold retards the set time. Excessive water will also retard the times, however also weakens the alginate. Once set these moulds must be kept moist or they will break up very quickly.

We recommend using a fine plaster like Herculite 2 to cast in this mould type. Being stronger and finer it's a better option. Plaster of Paris is soft enough that as you remove the alginate it may break up.

1. Approximate the volume you need for the mould
2. Take one third this volume as alginate powder and add that to an oversized mixing vessel
3. Add the remaining two thirds volume as water, startng the stopwatch as you tip it in
4. Mix briskly, potlife is short!
5. Scoop up the mass into a bag if taking a hand or foot impression and squeeze around the hand. If using on the body spread like butter
6. Wait for the cure time to pass. the alginate should be firm but a bit flexible. manipulate the item from the mould
7. Fill immediately with plaster or seal in a bag to keep moist

--Alginate may be pretty much harmless but does contain some substances you shouldn't eat!
--Avoid prolonged skin contact
--Use a greasy moisturiser like nivea to act as a release agent