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TOMPS Products

Economy Black Builders Bucket
Economy Black Builders Bucket
Hoof Proof Purple 2.5 Litre Bucket
Elephant Flexible Tub - Large
Elephant Flexible Tub - Small
Elephant Flexible Tub - Medium
Shellac Flake - Dewaxed
Shellac Flake
Silicone Oil Fluid 50cps
Self Healing Cutting Mats
Self Healing Cutting Mats
Snap Off Blade Craft Knife Pack
Snap Off Knife Set
Diamond Cut Off Disc - Small - 6 Pieces
Small Diamon Disc 6 pack
Diamond Cut Off Disc - Large
Diamond Cutt Off Disc - Large
Diamond Burr Set 50 Piece
Diamond Burr Set
Drum Sanding Kit 20 Piece
Drum Sanders
Five Piece Mini Plier Set
5 Piece Plier Set
Sculpt Gel by Mouldife
RTV Silicone 918
Superglue GP 50g
SuperGlue GP
3m 4251 Vapour Mask
3m 4251 Vapour Mask
£39.99 £29.00
Rollins Small Tool
Small Tool
Courier Upgrades
Courier Upgrade
Decorative Plastering Book
3m Wet of Dry Abrasive 1200 Grit
Wet or Dry 1200 Grit
3m Wet of Dry Abrasive 1000 Grit
Wet or Dry 1000 Grit
3m Wet of Dry Abrasive 800 Grit
Wet or Dry 800 Grit
3m Wet of Dry Abrasive 600 Grit
Wet or Dry 600 Grit
3m Wet of Dry Abrasive 400 Grit
Wet or Dry 400 Grit
3m Wet of Dry Abrasive 240 Grit
Wet or Dry 240 Grit
3m Wet of Dry Abrasive 120 Grit
Wet or Dry 120 Grit
Owens Corning Chopped Strand Mat 300gsm
Chopped Strand Mat 300
Owens Corning Chopped Strand Mat 450gsm
Chopped Strand Mat 450
Glass Tape 50 Metre Roll
Glass Tape
Plasterers Small Tool
Small Tools
Nitrile Gloves (50 Pair)
Nitrile Glove
Wire Wool 00 Grade
Wire Wool
Coloured Latex Rubber 250ml
Latex Coloured 250ml
Poly Purge
Polyurethane Pigment 100g
PU Pigment 100g
Loki Latex Moulds Ebook
Loki Ebook
Mould Making & Casting Ebook
Ebook by TOMPS
Boiled Linseed Oil
Linseed Oil
Marble Flour & Sugar
Marble Flour
Tie Wire 25kg Hank
Tie Wire
Catalyst Dispenser
Catalyst Dispenser
Safety Helmet
Safety Helmet
Plastic Apron
Plastic Apron
Bolt Cotton Trousers
Cotton Trousers
Rubber Glove Marigold Style
Rubber Glove
Latex Gloves Box 100
Latex Gloves
Foam Ear Plugs
Foam Ear Plug
Splash Brush
Splash Brush
£3.08 £1.50
GRP Laminator Brush Four Inch
Brush Four Inch
GRP Laminator Brush Three Inch
Brush Half Inch
GRP Laminator Brush Two Inch
Brush Two Inch
GRP Laminator Brush One and Half Inch
Brush One Half Inch
GRP Laminator Brush One Inch
Brush One Inch
GRP Laminator Brush Half Inch
Brush Half Inch
Paddle Roller
Paddle Roller
Square Nose Bucket Trowel
Gauging Trowel
Floor Scraper
Floor Scraper
Stirring Sticks Box 100
Stirring Sticks
Picking Tool
Picking Tools
Builders Bucket Topline
Bucket Topline 5
Acetone 250ml to 3 litre
Acetone 3 litre
Polyester Pigment
Polyester Pigments
Methylated Spirit 1 & 2.5 litre
Methylated Spirit
Disposable Paper Cup 9 oz 250ml
Paper Cup Small 9oz
Fillite Powder
Calcium Carbonate Omya BL OG
Calcium Carbonate OMYA5
Cabosil Fumed Silica
Cabosil Fumed Silica
Glass Bubbles
Glass Bubbles
Flexible Black Bowl
Flexible Bowl
White Mixing Pot One Litre
White Pot 1 litre
White Mixing Pot Half Litre
White Pot 0.5 litre
Honey Wax
Kanstik Wax
Golden Liquid Wax
Golden Liquid Wax