Self Healing Cutting Mats

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Self Healing Cutting Mats
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A new range of budget cutting mats in three different sizes (please note only A3 is pictured). we have these in the following sizes

  • A1
  • A2
  • A3

These mats are great for arts and crafts, decoupage, card making, in fact any time you are using snap of knives, scalpels and stanley knives. They self heal after cutting, meaning not that the cut glues itself back together but that it doesnt remain open. They are also very useful as casting mats. Low cost and long lasting, RTV Silicone and most resins do not really stick to them. If using as a casting mat, we recommend application of solid buffing wax, 2-3 coats buffed between to ease the release of resins.

We use these as disposable worktops in our decanting areas. We ship these in cardboard sleeves. Due to courier handling they may arrive slightly bent. Simply lay on a flat surface in a warm room, it will once more lay flat.