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TOMPS Value RTV Silicone Catalyst 25g to 1 Kilo

10 days
Price in points: 193 points
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Weight: 1.20 kg per item
Value Silicone Catalyst
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RTV Silicone Catalyst. Compatible with any of the TOMPS Value Silicones range. THIS CURATIVE IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ACC Silicones RTV! Available as either Blue/Green or Red/Orange (Slow and Fast respectively).

Use the table below to assess which catalyst is better for your job, with detailed potlifes and demould times. Fast & Shore A15 is the default option, the fast version. Note times relate to lab conditions where temperature was 20-23 Celsius and Relative Humidity of around 65%. Colder temperatures will lengthen times, the reverse for warmer conditions, within reason. Heat cannot be applied to simply speed up the cure unlike an addition cure silicone. More humid conditions will also accelerate cure.

Note the following information: Potlife relates to the mixing and pouring time, timed from the moment catalyst touches the base silicone, Tack Free Time indicates the time at which the RTV Silicone will have a skin on it and be tack free to touch, Demould Time is the earliest time at which you may demould and 95% Cure Time represents the earliest point at which you should consider using the mould. The longer you can leave silicone to cure the less chance of deformation during demould. If using a portion of the catalyst at one time note the addition ratio is 3% or 30g catalyst per kilo base.

With the fast catalyst on A15/A20 or A25/A30, the addition rate can be reduced to 2% to give a couple extra minutes on pot life without affecting the final cure by more than about 45 minutes.

Catalyst Colour


Tack Free Time

Demould Time

95% Cure Time


40-105 Minutes

4-6 Hours

6-10 Hours

14-24 Hours


7-10 Minutes

1 Hour

3-4 Hours

6-8 Hours

Datasheets and Safety:
Please note that we no longer print and include datasheets with your order. All datasheets are available for download on the item where your purchase was made. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to download and read the information. Please think of the environment before deciding to print!

Technical Data Sheet (TOMPSVALUE_TECH.pdf, 221 Kb) [Download]

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS / CoSHH) BLUE (TOMPS_VALUE_BLUE_MSDS.pdf, 202 Kb) [Download]

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS / CoSHH) RED (fast) (TOMPS_VALUE_RED_MSDS.pdf, 202 Kb) [Download]